How to use Perfect Blend as a simple calorie counter

Calorie counter screen
Calorie counter screenshot

“I just want to use my Perfect Blend scale and app to count calories for specific ingredients. Is that possible?”

Absolutely! In fact, we do it all the time here at Perfect Co. Our old standby is to select the Smoothie template in Perfect Blend App and delete everything we don’t need. But we’ve made it even easier for you! Our downloadable Calorie Counter recipe is all ready for you to add your ingredients for measurement.

Here’s how to use it.

Download the recipe

Step 1: Download the Recipe

Download the Calorie Counter recipe into your Perfect Blend app.

Edit a copy of the recipe

Step 2: Edit a Copy

Navigate to the Calorie Counter recipe (the quickest way is to type “calorie” in the search bar). Tap the pencil icon to edit a copy.

Edit an ingredient

Step 3: Choose Ingredients

Calorie Counter has just one ingredient: water. Touch the water ingredient to change it to whatever ingredient you want to measure. Tip: You can drag as many new ingredients into the serving container as you need and just edit the ingredient names. You don’t even have to pick amounts since you’ll be weighing ingredients when you use the recipe. (But if you do, you’ll get an accurate nutrition summary before you start weighing.)

Start your recipe by tapping Blend

Step 4: Save and Blend

When you’re done adding ingredients, touch SAVE, then BACK. Tap BLEND to begin weighing your edited recipe.

See the nutrition of your ingredients

Step 5: Start Weighing

Place any container on the scale. This can be a bowl, a plate, whatever. Then start placing your ingredients in/on your container when prompted, and Perfect Blend will show you the actual nutrition data while you’re weighing.

That’s it!

When you’re done weighing all your ingredients, the total nutrition data is displayed along the left side of the screen. Keep your custom copy of Calorie Counter for future use or delete it and make a new one any time.

We like to think we thought of everything, but if you have questions, contact us at! We’ll help you out.