Correcting an overpour in Perfect Drink

Perfect Drink overpour screen
Perfect Drink overpour screen
Accidentally pouring too much of an ingredient is just something that happens in at-home bartending. With Perfect Drink, however, overpouring doesn’t have to result in a ruined cocktail. Here’s how Perfect Drink helps you avoid and correct mistakes.
Perfect Drink overpour screen

1. Fill the virtual glasses

As you build a drink in Perfect Drink, each ingredient fills a virtual “glass” on your device screen. When that glass is full, you’ll hear the app’s familiar “ding!” which tells you that you’re ready to move on to the next ingredient.

Perfect Drink overpour screen

2. Oops! Too much!

When you accidentally pour past the “ding,” you’ll see a message alerting you to an overpour. Now look at the earlier ingredients–see how they’re no longer full? This means Perfect Drink has automatically recalculated the recipe to adjust for the excess.

cocktail photo

3. Perfect results

Perfect Drink takes thirty measurements per second and is accurate to 0.1g, which means any overpour is detected immediately and in real time. These quick recalculations ensure your cocktail is perfectly proportioned regardless of batch size or the number of drinks you’re mixing.

Now you can be confident in your cocktails even when your pouring hand is a little unsteady. Need extra help? Our support team is here for your questions at!